The Swiss solution to food waste problem

1/3rd of the world’s food goes to waste. GoNiña sets out to change this. Based in the Alpine country of Switzerland, our mission is to make it easy to reduce food waste for vendors and consumers alike. We put transparency first and constantly seek new cooperation with local partners that magnify our impact. Together, we can make a real difference – Join us in our effort to create a more environmentally conscious world. Zero Waste, Maximum Taste – that’s GoNiña!

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Meet the team


Ferdinand Von Hagen

Ferdinand previously co-founded edtech unicorn GoStudent and leads backend, data and infrastructure. He holds an Electrical Engineering degree from ETH Zurich. Outside of work, you may find Ferdinand creating intricate savoury experiences.


Matthieu Ochner

Matthieu previously lead various teams at scale-up Smallpdf and now leads everything non-engineering. He’s a CFA Charterholder and received Business degrees from St. Gallen and Rotterdam. Aside from GoNiña, Matthieu is a martial arts enthusiast.


Dusan Zivanovic

Dusan, a Senior Product Designer specialised in design field with a strong background in development, he worked at large companies as well as startups and brings a wealth of experience in crafting amazing product experiences. Outside his work, you'll often find Dusan either in front of his PC, gaming or in a landscape environment taking photos.

Our mission. Environmentally conscious world.

Change emissions

1/3rd of the world’s food production goes to waste. That’s 1.3 billion tonnes pear year, accounting for 10% of global greenhouse emissions - five times the aviation sector’s emissions.

Reduce waste

By connecting vendors with consumers to distribute surplus food, we reduce waste and take a significant step toward a more sustainable future. We work tirelessly on providing a solution that benefits our vendors, consumers and planet alike. We put transparency first and constantly seek new cooperation with local partners that magnify our impact.


By choosing GoNiña, you’re also supporting local businesses make ends meet.

Accelerator Programs. Committed to learn and improve.

We are committed to empowering driven entrepreneurs from all walks of life, across diverse industries, and from every corner of the globe. Within Bluelion’s Hub, founders find the ideal launchpad to grow sustainable companies. Profit from Bluelion’s well-curated network of industry experts and entrepreneurs who will share their personal success recipes and help you leverage your business.


The Rockethub is a thriving startup incubator managed by the ETH Entrepreneur Club and designed to support ETH early-stage startups. With a mission to nurture and accelerate entrepreneurial dreams, the Rockethub has become a vibrant ecosystem for innovation, education, and startup acceleration. Located at Weinbergstrasse 11, Zurich 8001, at the heart of Switzerland&aposs entrepreneurial landscape, our mission extends to fostering a dynamic ecosystem that facilitates innovation, knowledge sharing, and growth. To this end, we support Rockethub Startups providing them access to various facilities: Mentorship Program, Supporters Program, access to the Coworking Space and Makerspace, exclusive Events and Workshops, access to Slack channel and internal Rockethub Platform.


It is time to find, test and support new solutions for the climate. To do this, we need to reach and mobilize many more people than before. This is where Spotlight programme participants come in. Each year Clima Now is organizing a Spotlight event where a few selected projects can pitch their idea and in the end, three of them will get financial support from the foundation. This year it’s all about “Reducing Your FOODprint”.